Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Brestogen Serum

ATP Creatine Serum claims many things. It claims to go straight to your muscles and require no pre-loading or cycling. I ordered a bottle to find out whether or not it lived it up to my great expectations.

According to the manufacturers, this product is the Creatine brand used by athletes. After my short experience with the stuff, I have to say that I am pretty impressed. When I first took it I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the serum. It tasted like a really nice and sweet cough medicine and I couldn’t wait to take some more. Having said this, taste is not the most important thing in a Creatine supplement.

After taking this stuff before my first workout I did not see much of a change. I was able to do maybe one or two more repetitions on some exercises but nothing special. When I took it before my second workout, however, I noticed a huge change. I was lifting more than I ever had before and shocking my friends with the number of repetitions I was getting done. It is very useful to have the Creatine in a serum form because it means that I can just keep it in my gym bag and not have to worry about mixing shakes at home beforehand.

The real downside with this product is the cost. When I was using powdered Creatine it was costing me much less than it is now. A bottle of this stuff lasts me just over a month, and costs about twice as much as a tub of powdered Creatine. Having said this, I am so impressed with how well the stuff works that I will probably continue ordering it.